Our Mission Statement

Students Against Terrorism is a student-run organization associated with Yavneh Academy of Dallas. Our goal is to demonstrate solidarity with Israel and provide support for victims of terror in Israel. The organization is committed to raising awareness in Dallas about the devastating effects of terrorism on Israeli citizens.

Our History

 In March of 2002, six Yavneh Academy of Dallas high school students attended a Yeshiva University-sponsored leadership conference in Connecticut. It focused on active leadership and various ways to help combat terror in Israel. After the insightful and motivational conference, the students returned to Dallas to share their thoughts with other students. The result was the formation of Students Against Terrorism.


In just over a decade, we’ve raised more than


  • $15,000 for Adopt-A-Family – 2003

  • $30,000 for Magen David Adom Ambulance – 2004

  • $75,000 for Koby Mandell Foundation – 2005
  • $30,000 for Keren Malki – 2006
  • $20,000 for OneFamily Fund – 2007
  • $30,000 for Koby Mandell Foundation -2008
  • 2009 – $50,000 for ATZUM Foundation
  • 2010 – $41,000 for OneFamily Fund
  • 2011 – $50,000 for Natal, Israel
  • 2012- $40,000 for Ohr Meir Bracha
  • 2013 – $42,000 for ZAKA Rescue & Recovery
  • 2014 – $47,000 for ATZUM Foundation

    2015 – $44,000 for Koby Mandell Foundation

Last Year – $40,000 for OneFamily Fund

Presented by Howard and Leslie Schultz

Operation Embrace

The Points for Peace 2017 Benificiary

Operation Embrace offers assistance to injured survivors of terror in Israel. With the guidance from social workers throughout Israel and Bituach Leumi (Israel’s National Insurance Agency), Operation Embrace helps all people who have been violated by random acts of terror and does not discriminate by race or religion. The goal is to facilitate a brighter future and to help individuals who suffer with physical and emotional trauma to rebuild their lives. The $50,000 will allow Operation Embrace to provide victims of terror with therapeutic Shabbat retreats, therapeutic horse riding camp, social business-café, a rehabilitation training program for PTSD survivors in Sderot, and individual assistance.


Each team must raise a minimum of $200 in sponsorships that will be donated to Operation Embrace. Additionally, teams will pay a $30 registration fee. When registering, only purchase one ticket per team, not per person! All donations can be mailed in before the event to Yavneh Academy of Dallas (see address below) or can be turned in on the day of the tournament. All checks should be made payable to Students Against Terrorism.

Yavneh Academy of Dallas 12324 Merit Drive Dallas, Texas 75251

– Tournament Groups –


Division #1: 1-2 Grade

Division #2: 3-4 Grade Boys

Division #3: 3-4 Grade Girls

Division #4: 5-6 Grade Boys

Division #5: 5-6 Grade Girls


Division #6: 7-8 Grade Boys

Division #7: 7-8 Grade Girls

Division #8: High School Boys

Division #9: High School Girls


Division #10: Adult Men

Men 19+

Special Needs Division

Students Against Terrorism is excited to continue the Special Needs Division of the Points for Peace tournament. This is one of our favorite components of the day. For more information contact Judy Kogutt: 214-363-7438.


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Location: 12324 Merit Drive, Dallas, Texas, 75251 

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